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From the well-known natural wonders: the dazzling beaches, the astonishing vistas, the thrilling day-trip excursions to the Na Pali Coast and other marvelous destinations, to all the best sources of food and drink, from wildly popular food trucks to elegant gourmet dining by the sea—not to mention the lively tasting tours of coffee plantations, rum distilleries and more. Profiles of fascinating cultural insights, the myriad wellness options on Kaua‘i, and a guide to the best boutiques. We’ll catalog the very best of what our island home has to offer here on our blog, in the hopes that it will help to fill your stay with pleasant surprises and make it unforgettably perfect in every way.

Waiohai Beach House

An irresistible fusion of glamorous seaside resort and casually elegant, island-style private home, Waiohai Beach House, the ultimate Kaua‘i luxury vacation rental, offers the best of both worlds, and more. The spacious, beautifully furnished 4BR/4BA villa (the only single-family vacation rental on Poipu Beach) flows seamlessly into a picturesque beachside… Read More

Hula House

A private luxury home with all the appeal of a beautiful 5-star resort, and an emphasis on recreational activities: that was the defining vision behind the creation of Hula House, and this extraordinary property in Kukui‘ula’s scenic Kula Makai section delivers spectacularly on all those points, and beyond. The commitment… Read More

Hale Kupanaha {Amazing House}

“This house is amazing!” visitors often exclaim, in those exact words. Hence, the property’s poetic and perfectly apt Hawaiian name: Hale Kupanaha (“Amazing House”). The design team behind this extraordinarily gorgeous new villa envisioned a distinctive aesthetic: shaped by mid-century-modern sensibilities, enhanced with a touch of upscale-boho panache, and infused… Read More

Sunshine {Farmer's} Markets

The best place to experience Kaua‘i’s locavore lifestyle is at one of the many sunshine (farmer’s) markets. There you’ll find fresh tropical fruits such as pineapple, apple bananas and papaya – and, when they’re in season, mango, lychee and starfruit, as well as farm-fresh vegetables, and vibrantly colored tropical flowers. Read More

Endless Adventure

Beyond the beach, experience the island’s natural splendor through exhilarating adventures curated by local experts and guides. Traverse coastal, valley and mountain trails on bike or ATV. Soar above the rainforest canopy by zipline. Reel in a prize-winning fish. Explore ancient Hawaiian fishponds and sea caves… Read More

The Best of The Best

Bucket-List Worthy Adventures & Experiences The list of amazing things to see and do on Kaua‘i is truly endless, but there are a handful of experiences that are so iconic and unique to Kaua‘i, so special, that they’re not to be missed and are… Read More

Hiking the Nā Pali Coastline

There are several ways to hike Nā Pali, and they all offer sensational views, a challenging trek, and a uniquely memorable experience. The rocky, precipitous Kalalau Trail, in Haena State Park, is the same route used by agricultural traders and by the ancient Hawaiians who made their homes… Read More

Delightful Day Trips: The Nā Pali Coast

The ruggedly magnificent Nā Pali Coast is a natural wonder, by any measure. With its supernaturally sculpted cliffs and mountains, hidden white-sand beaches, verdant valleys, and cascading waterfalls, Nā Pali is stunningly beautiful—and totally unique as well. No wonder it sits atop the “must-see” list of almost every… Read More

Tasting Tours - Part 1: The South Shore

What do you get when you combine a fun, surprise-filled adventure with delectable refreshments? A tasting tour! All over Kaua‘i, thriving local businesses are happy to open their doors—and, in some cases, their picturesque fields—to visitors, and several of the best tours… Read More

Koke`e State Park

Koke‘e State Park, the South Shore’s magical upcountry retreat, is renowned for lush vegetation, incredibly scenic vistas, and a rare concentration of native forest birds. The temperatures on this high, verdant plateau are cooler, the air has a bracingly woodsy scent—mixed, in season, with the delicate fragrance of… Read More

Kukui`ula Culinary Market

The weekly Culinary Market at The Shops at Kukui‘ula is like the most wonderful farmers’ market you’ve ever seen—with a tropical twist. No wonder it’s such a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. The market begins taking shape in early afternoon, as vendors arrange their… Read More