About Us


The co-founders of Wailani Kaua‘i, a boutique luxury Kaua‘i vacation rental company, are blessed with a remarkable bounty of local connections, in every sense of the word. Both were born and raised in the Islands (one on Kaua‘i, one on O‘ahu) and their roots in the South Shore community, and throughout the entire state of Hawai‘i, are very deep indeed. They’ve explored the island of Kaua‘i from one end to the other, so they know all the secret beaches and upcountry retreats—not to mention the best places to eat, drink, shop, play, exercise, relax, and enjoy the beautiful culture.

Beyond their individual knowledge and experience, the partners’ extensive network of personal and professional connections on Kaua‘i enables them to offer an unrivaled level of guidance, assistance, and support. Paired with their extensive experience in the luxury hospitality industry, they are wholly dedicated to sharing their genuine love for the Islands; to helping guests derive maximum enjoyment from their time on Kaua‘i; and to providing the highest-quality service to the property owners who are fortunate enough to own a piece of this sublime part of paradise.

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Our Team


Jed Gushman


Mika Givens



Our Wailani Kauai team includes not only professionals from the hospitality industry but also top marketing specialists, experts in high-end real estate, and award-winning copywriters.


Deep knowledge of the island, coupled with five-star concierge service ensure your curated stay with us will provide the most authentic Kauai experience imaginable.


Our goal, quite simply, is to provide the ultimate in professional service at every turn, in a perpetually thoughtful, friendly, conscientious, and attentive way.